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Formula Vee/Formula First/Trike - Silver Bullet Bodywork
**Velomobile Aero And FV/FST Bodywork - now in Carbon Fiber**

About us!

Allan Adderley is the owner and proprietor of AEM (Adderley Engineering Management) Consulting, Inc., the maker of Silver Bullet FV/FST bodywork and other components.  He began racing in SCCA in 1972 and first raced Formula Vee in 1976. Mr. Adderley is a registered engineer in the State of Florida, still providing services to the highway and bridge construction industry. His background also includes employment in the aviation airframe repair industry and he is an avid bicycle and tricycle rider.

Silver Bullet bodywork began in 2005 as a response to requests from FV racers who wanted updated aerodynamic bodywork to keep their chassis competitive with the latest makes. Since he had already been building and modifying his own bodies since 1987 and with a background in engineering, Allan knew the keys to building an efficient aerodynamic body involved minimizing the variables in the basic aero-drag formula. The first Silver Bullet body was fabricated soon after.  It reduced the frontal area to the minimum practical required by the GCR and provided a body shape with a low Coefficient of Drag. Development afterwards has been ongoing with a continuous stream of valued feedback from customers.

An important milestone was realized in 2010 when the Silver Bullet bodywork was tested in a full size wind tunnel.  Observed data for aerodynamic drag and coefficient of drag were within 10% of calculated and assumed values. A very significant advantage was also measured using a well known chassis and back to back tests between stock and Silver Bullet bodywork.

AEM is committed to an ongoing development program for its customers and plans further products that will allow them to remain highly competitive in Formula Vee and Formula First, classes that always foster extremely close racing.

AEM's most recent development product is the Aero Bullet for recumbent tricycles, in the prototype stage at this time.

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AEM - Silver Bullet
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