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Formula Vee/Formula First/Trike - Silver Bullet Bodywork
**Velomobile Aero And FV/FST Bodywork - now in Carbon Fiber**


Wind Tunnel Testing

AEM reached an important milestone in 2010 when our Silver Bullet bodywork was tested in a full sized wind tunnel.  Two different chassis were tested with a combination of different scoops, fairings, windscreens, ride heights, belly pans, and altered body panels.  Testing continued until the lowest possible Coefficient of Drag was achieved.  Three anemometers were use to measure airflow through the side NACA ducts and top through-the-roll-bar duct.

As a confirmation of the engineering of the Silver Bullet bodywork, actual observed Coefficient of Drag and Total Drag data were found to be within 10% of calculated theoretical values.

Also, back to back testing of one chassis from a prominent manufacturer with stock bodywork against the Silver Bullet bodywork was performed.  Silver Bullet bodywork was found to have a lower Coefficient of Drag on the same chassis computing to a an advantage of over 2 hp at 100 mph, the speed where most passing in Formula Vee occurs.  At 110 mph, an attainable speed in a 3 car draft, the advantage was over 3 hp.

Kevlar and Fiberglass bodywork

AEM uses high quality polyester and vinyl-ester resin in the construction of carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass body parts.  All body panels are hand laid in molds over white gel-coat.  Cloth layers consist of a thin veil to stabilize the gel-coat and hide the weave, a structural cross-bias cloth, and a fine weave conformance cloth layer to add additional strength and provide for a smooth inner surface.

Layout is engineered to provide the strongest, lightest parts available.  For example, the main body structural cloth layer on each side consists of only 3 pieces although this panel is over 9 feet long! This allows for the elimination of any transverse joints that could weaken the structure.  The two side molds are then bolted together and a full-length seam is applied to join them.

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AEM - Silver Bullet
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