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Formula Vee/Formula First/Trike - Silver Bullet Bodywork
**Velomobile Aero And FV/FST Bodywork - now in Carbon Fiber**

Aero Bullet Velomobile Body Kit
Catrike Expedition Chassis with new Aero Bullet body kit - total weight is 63 lbs/28.6 kg

Aero Bullet Velomobile  (click for blowup)

The Aero Bullet body shell is designed to fit
the Catrike Expedition.

Aero Bullet velomobile body kit with the body, floor, wheel wells, head rest, and tail cap. All parts are carbon fiber. Price is $1495. Total weight of the parts is 23 lbs. Crating $150.

Installation kit for Catrike Expedition chassis available. Includes an aluminum subframe, top brace, and tubing for rear brace. Also included are all nuts, bolts, washers, rivets, clamps, fittings, brackets, trim, steering handle covers, mirrors, and other parts to build a 60 lb. velomobile. Price is $495.


Prototype testing shows a speed increase of over 30% with the same effort.

     One piece shape reduces costs and allows customers to customize cockpit size, wheel locations, and front and rear clearances

Production bodywork will be Carbon Fiber

Body Shell in Carbon Fiber - $1095 USD pickup, Floral City, FL
crating - $150
shipping depends on destination (shipping to North America only)

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AEM - Silver Bullet
Floral City, FL

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